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    • ABOUT F-CAT F-Cat is a crypto simulation game, its player base is growing rapidly. Players can upgrade cat pets through different adventures to get token rewards. There are five levels of cat pets. As the pet of the player, cats can be used to fight, upgrade and collect kittens to synthesize cat pets. Cats can also be traded at higher prices in the market. The combination of NFT + GameFi, along with the framework of the game industry, has brought new changes to blockchain gaming. In a sense, GameFi allows players to achieve financial freedom in the game. The concept of GameFi is to bring the financial properties in the form of a game, so that the game is not only a game, but also a part-time job, which greatly increases the playability. Where game creators share their revenue with players, every dollar that players earn can go straight to their pockets.  HOW TO PLAY AND EARN PASSIVE INCOME WITH F-CAT 1. Buy F-Cats to collect treasures for you, and sell treasures to get income. The amount of treasures that each F-Cat can collect is different. You can use cat elves to upgrade your F-Cats, or directly buy high-level F-Cats to find treasures for you. You can own up to 10 cats.  2. You can also make money by synthesizing F-Cat. The synthesis system may be a bit difficult for you to understand. You can simply understand that you have a 50% probability to earn 10 USDT with 5 USDT. If you're lucky, you can make money this way, which is more income than raising a cat to collect treasure.  3.  If you want to get more benefits, invite your friends to join F-Cat . While they get benefits, the system will give you a corresponding commission. When your friends invite their friends to join F-Cat , you will also get a small amount of commission while they earn money in the game. The more friends you invite, the higher your commission will be. 4. The game provides a wealth of props, and different props have different functions. Some can be collected through F-Cats, and some can only be obtained through game activities. You can use props to upgrade the F-Cat and increase the ability to collect valuable treasures, or you can also sell it in the Cat Market to earn extra income. HOW TO START THE GAME 1. First, you can download Metamask from the Google Store or Apple Store 2. Open the official website of F-Cat  in the browser of Metamask, and use referral code to enter the Game. Or using Metamask to scan the code to enter the game without entering referral code. 3. The first time you log in, the game will display an automatic tutorial to teach you how to play the game.  
    • Fairy Cat is a new NFTs game model and aims to be amongst the best Play to Earn games in its genre to offer to the crypto gaming community “Easy to play, easy to earn” tendency. Fairy Cat is not only an amusing game, it also comes with social networking and job platform features due to strong community and play-to-earn chances on its initial success. With the benefits mentioned, Fairy Cat is expected  to be appropriate for whoever is looking for wholesome entertainment but also a potential source of income in the economic time affected by the post-Covid pandemic  and further future. Furthermore, Fairy Cat wants to be community-based games, which means everything will be decided through a voting mechanism to ensure only the best features and functions are being added to the games for players. The Fairy Cat Blockchain Game offers players and investors a very unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle and earn rare assets that greatly increase their income. Players can discover and adopt magical cats with different levels and powers called Fairy Cats. There are 4 ways to play and earn money from Fairy Cat game: ●Play games, do daily quests, join events. ●Sell game materials collected from gaming and tournaments on the marketplace. ●Fusion, buy and sell the Fairy Cat characters on the marketplace. ●Invite friends to get commissions. The Fairy Cat game promises to bring to our players a fairer and more transparent gaming environment. They are planning to develop more features in the future and are always looking forward to players to contribute ideas in order to make the Fairy Cat more developed as well as create a better NFTs game world.  
    • “Fairy Cat” is an NFT-GameFi ecological game base on the BSC chain with the theme of “Fairy Cat”. The game incorporates a diversified “Play to Earn” gameplay. Players can obtain $TDD rewards by collecting cat fragments, synthesizing fairy cats, PvP player battles and NFT transactions. 1.Project background: “Fairy Cat” is the first cat series game launched by forest kingdom co-founded Tesla (former member of Blizzard) and Jason (former member of Google); it has been incubated by Stanford University and Harvard University blockchain laboratory. The core members of the team are from Google, Blizzard, PayPal, Riot Games, Sony, Chaos and other top Internet and large well-known game companies in the world. So far, they have received US $ 5 million in financing. Stanford University Lab showed: “The forest kingdom team has rich experience in game product design and game ecosystem construction. After launching the first chain game “Fairy Cat” on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we believe it can build a global decentralized blockchain game platform with “TDD” as the token finally realizes a completely decentralized NTF game metaverse ecology. Difference from the chain game projects currently on the market, what are the highlights of “Fairy cat” ? 2.Project Highlights : 1.It has developed by a cutting-edge technology team composed of former members of Blizzard and Google; 2.It has successfully obtained financing from well-known institutions US$5 million; 3.It has diversified game mode of cultivation; 4.Simple play-ways , rich rewards, and first choice to earning Gold; 5.Abundant welfare activities: first-generation cat pre-sale, capital-guaranteed IDO competition, TDD airdrop, prop airdrop, etc.; 6.80% of the capital inflow from the cat pre-sale market will flow into the Fairy Cat liquidity pool;  7.Projects cats will be used as the IP to release a varity of games to build a decentralized NFT game metaverse ecology: 8.The DDino NFTs generated by the blind box can be applied to the cat series games and metaverse ecology launched by the platform in the future; 9.Fairy cat Economic Model: TDD:The only token that can be circulated in the world of Cat Kingdom, with a total circulation of 4 million pieces, will never be issued again: TDD Project Development Layout The project will release several games, the first one is “ Fairy Cat”, which will be released in January this year. Cat Football, Pinball cat, Kingdom of Cats, Cat Manor, Fairy Cat (AR Breeding), will be released later to form a digital Fairy Cat metaverse ecology. TDD is committed to building a global decentralized blockchain game with “ Digital Cat” as the IP, further marketing a global scale, expanding the user base, attracting more players , and building a global decentralized blockchain game with “TDD” as the token. The platform finally realizes a completely decentralized NFT game metaverse ecology.  The Gamefi craze around the concept of the metaverse has launched on, hence the Fairy Cat project has a cutting-edge technology team composed of former members of Blizzard and Google, a rich and diversified new Play-To-Earn model, easy to play, and has successfully obtained more than $5 million in financing.Thus, can Fairy Cat achieve curve overtaking and become the star dark horse project of the first GameFi track in 2022 after AXIE and RACA?
    • Gamefi (or play-to-earn) is a new trend in the gaming industry, where players can earn real money by playing games. This is a combination of gaming and digital finance, allowing players to leverage their time and effort to make money. Gamefi games are typically built on blockchain platforms, which ensures the safety and transparency of recording player transactions and assets. Some examples of popular gamefi currently being developed are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. In gamefi, players typically have to invest money and time to accumulate in-game assets such as NFTs, tokens, and virtual items. They can then sell these assets to make a profit or use them to participate in in-game activities to earn more money. However, like with any other form of investment, there are potential risks when participating in gamefi. Players need to thoroughly research gamefi projects before investing, consider risks, and ensure that they have enough knowledge and experience to participate. Fairy Cat Gamefi is a virtual cat breeding game on the blockchain platform. In this game, players will breed and take care of virtual cats, and can earn income through daily tasks, inviting friends to join, and trading the types of tokens used in the game. Each virtual cat in Fairy Cat has a unique identification code, and their ownership is stored on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and preventing counterfeiting. In addition, the game also uses blockchain features to provide digital asset capabilities and the ability to trade between players. Fairy Cat is also a sub-project of the program "Aid for Every Stray Cat in the World", where players can become virtual cat owners and help the real feral cat community around them. With a humanistic purpose, this game gives players a sense of excitement when participating in a community full of love and care. Profits earned by the player from the game can be used to buy sand and food for the player's cats, as well as help the feral cats around. With such diverse and meaningful features, Fairy Cat is not only an entertaining game but also brings players good values, and creates contact between humans and animals, contributing to the protection of the environment and wildlife. Fairy Cat has attracted the attention of some investors and players around the world, and is considered a typical example of the gamefi trend - combining gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) to create new and exciting experiences for players.
    • When it comes to the world of crypto trading, one of the most promising strategies is Arbitrage trading. Arbitrage trading bot takes advantage of the price discrepancies between different crypto exchanges to generate profits. To do this, investors need a technical arbitrage trading bot that can examine the prices of various exchanges and execute trade consequently. So, how much does it cost to develop an arbitrage trading bot? The cost of Crypto Arbitrage Trading bot Development relies on a variety of aspects, such as the complexity of the bot, the number of crypto exchanges you plan to access, the number of strategies you want to execute, and the number of attributes you want to incorporate. Typically, the cost of developing a Crypto arbitrage bot can range from $3000 - $10000.
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