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  1. The Turkish Central Bank banned the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method from April 30. A lack of regulation, supervision mechanisms or central regulatory authority, combined with the potential for criminal activity and the high volatility of their market value, mean digital tokens entail ''significant risks,'' said a statement on the central bank's website. The ban also prohibits companies that handle fund transfers from facilitating transactions involving crypto platforms. Societe Generale, one of Europe's largest investment banks, issued a security token on the Tezos blockchain. This is the first tokenized asset offered by the institution. According to the bank, the security token offering is significant milestone in its efforts to begin full-spectrum cryptocurrency market operations by 2022.
  2. Dear Celsians, Nothing is more important to us than complete transparency with our community. That's why I'm updating you with all of the details we currently have about a recent security incident that has affected some of our Celsius customers. I'll start with the most important news: all funds are safe. Our back-end systems remain fully secure and have not been breached. Customer funds and sensitive data are not affected nor connected to any front-facing or external communications platforms. Our incredibly talented security team is working around the clock to investigate what happened. Below is a summary of what we know so far. What happened: On April 14, 2021, Celsius customers began reporting a fraudulent website claiming to be an official Celsius platform. We also became aware of some Celsius customers receiving SMS and email messages, that claimed to be official Celsius communication, linking to that website, and prompting recipients to enter sensitive information. What we know: An unauthorized party managed to gain access to a back-up third-party email distribution system which had connections to a partial customer email list. Once inside the system, this unauthorized party sent a fraudulent email announcement, of which we know some of the recipients to be Celsius customers. The intent was to make the recipients believe the fraudulent email came from Celsius, that the fraudulent site was a true Celsius site, and to take ownership of recipients’ cryptocurrency assets from their personal (non-Celsius) wallet by prompting the user to provide the seed phrase to their personal wallet address. **NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR SEED PHRASE OR PRIVATE KEY** What we are still investigating: Our team is actively working to understand how the unauthorized party managed to gain access to the third-party email distribution system and the source of the list used to send fraudulent communications via SMS. We are checking with all of our third-party vendors and within other recent external/public data leaks to understand where this information came from and if third-party platforms have been vulnerable to any related incidents. We know that customers who had not registered an email or phone number with Celsius also received fraudulent messages to these contact details, thus we believe the data was collected from external data sources. What this means for Celsius customers: Our security team is currently working to identify and notify any Celsius customers who may have been affected by this event. If you received any of the fraudulent messages: Report the message as spam Do not click any links Do not provide any personal or confidential information Keep 2FA enforced on all your accounts Update your account credentials regularly Check if your information has been shared in any recent data leaks Official communication, product updates and promotions are communicated through our verified channels. The only official email and website domain for Celsius is celsius.network. As a reminder, Celsius will never ask you for your private keys, passwords, or PIN codes. Any communications or activity that you suspect did not originate from Celsius should be forwarded to our security team at app@celsius.network. For Celsius security insights and general user security best practices, you can learn more on our website. What we are doing going forward to ensure this does not happen again: We are conducting a full internal investigation to see if there was anything at all that could have been done to prevent this. We will raise the bar on what we require from third parties in terms of ISO and SOC certifications. We will never stop searching for better and better ways to keep our customers secure. It is our single most important priority. Our team is providing real-time updates on the Celsius blog and on Twitter, and I will provide another update for the entire community as soon as we have new information. Once again, thank you for your patience and continued support. Sincerely, Alex Mashinsky Founder and CEO, Celsius
  3. ...YouHodler...Coinloan... Помисли за минаване транзит през тези сайтове по пътя към Кракен, лицензирани са, ще ти струва една верификация, поразгледай таксите, има и опцията която търсиш...изобщо виж спящата плюсова тема...виж и Changelly. Иска четене... Поясни фразата - Изглежда обаче са блокирали ай баните Да не стане като с майор Михов и кмета...
  4. Така ме стресира та си отворих още една бира... Интересно ми е дали някой е минавал тази пътечка към нашите банки... https://changelly.com/faq#what-is-the-transaction-fee-for-crypto-to-fiat-exchanges?
  5. Извинявам се ако е публикувано вече... https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/369033
  6. Слях твоята тема с тази тук, настоящата е по-събирателна, но СЕL е твое откритие за сайта. Би ли споделил сегашните ти впечатления като изначален участник как ти се вижда сега СЕL според условия, лихви и т.н. спрямо другите сайтове в тази тема?
  7. https://jeangalea.com/lendary-review/ С лес привкус на марджин... https://jeangalea.com/coinloan-review/ Малко по-обстоен преглед на платформата... Горното не е покана за инвестиция.
  8. - Bitcoin Gold is under 51% attack. Recent mined blocks can be invalidated. Paused BTG withdrawals temporarily. За последната седмица е плюс 200 % Този пул държи 1/10 от общия хашрейт.
  9. batibon

    Вицове и смешки

    Да отдадем заслужена почит на откриването на топлата вода от всенародния Любимец 13
  10. Да. Точка две още продължава, гледаме глобално... ще се види след края. Другото е точно. Но все пак съм замислен за биткойн ... и то в далечното бъдеще, първия автомобил се е движил с пара... Социологията и психологията са сложни науки за трейдъри...хайде всеки да си гледа в какво е най-добър...
  11. В някакво бъдеще време ще се появи нещо по-добро от биткойн, и Стамен го знаеше...но все още сме в началото на приемането, а за началото на изместването има още доста години... Държави и правителства, особено в тази криза, си дърпат чергата да е към техния край/ прост поглед към ЕU/, камо ли да създадат нещо общо...ше има пренареждане на колодата, приоритети, приятели и врагове, една, две или три локални или не толкова вражди или войни... едва после може би ще има искане за някаква си цялостност... Биткойн никога досега не е преживявал криза, но е правен за такава. Преди халвинга Вамп прогнозира вдигане на цена след 7-8 месеца , досега винаги това се е случвало година и половина -две след преполовяването. Така че нищо за чуденка ако това е близо до върха или е връх между халвингите. Но този път е нетипично, защото и нормалните борси и всичките им производни продукти са такива. Радвайте се че сте участници в случващото се.
  12. batibon

    Вицове и смешки

    Човека анализира книгата Стандартът Биткойн.... мноу е йак
  13. https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4739551?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop
  14. Ти доста неща не разбираш...даже Бинансе имат карта за банкомат...
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