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  1. Hey, so, I love Bulgaria and Bulgarians, but I wrote in English as I don't speak the language very well - just some simple words and sentences, my grammar is really bad. I just spend my holidays very often - mainly in Primorsko and Burgas. I used to use Bitclude back in the day before they modified the interface and focused on allowing local currencies rather than USD and EUR. I'm not quite sure how cars correspond to Bitclude but the site is cool I think. That's all, sorry for not using Bulgarian, but you'd probably make fun of my Bulgarian :-( anyway And yes, I know some of the programmers who work on the exchange, so I'm not very objective but if you give them a try you'll probably like the features they have. I'm sorry if I broke any regualtions with this post, if so, you can remove it, or I can too! Take care everyone!
  2. Hey, There is a new cryptocurrency exchange in Bulgaria! We can buy Bitcoin and other crypto for Lev - directly. Bitclude.com! Has anyone tried it yet?
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