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Found 3 results

  1. Problem Issues Monitoring of multi-billion market of industrial products group and rapidly growing e-commerce market has revealed the lack of bridge between an end- customer and a manufacturer, that will enable direct communication between them, promoting loyalty and client- oriented approach. Yodse's main purposes. The platform yodse aims to become the largest Internet ecosystem for the most convenient, rapid and profitable interaction of enterprises in the field of production of industrial product groups in the markets of Russia, CIS, South-East Asia, and later in Europe and the United States. This global, decentralized and transparent B2B / B2C trading platform has all the advantages of blockchain technology and thus provides manufacturers with the most convenient communication with their wholesalers and retail buyers. The scale, high-tech products and convenient user-friendly tools within the ecosystem will allow small and medium-sized businesses to achieve better results and gain practical benefit. Challenges that yodse ecosystem solves yodse project is aimed at solving a number of problems related to direct, convenient, rapid and profitable "manufacturer-consumer" interaction. The transparent ecosystem yodse focuses on the protection consumers from losses, connected with the lack of guarantees from manufacturers and abundance of poor-quality goods. By establishing communication mechanisms, buyers will be provided with technical support, and manufacturers will receive quality feedback. The platform will reduce the delivery time and enable consumers to purchase goods without intermediaries. Excessive costs of manufacturers for outdated marketing technologies and high fees of goods placement on existing e-commerce platforms will become history. The YODSE system offers its users low fees and creates conditions for easy access of small businesses to e-commerce and international markets. Advantages of using ecosystem (platform) yodse for manufacturers The yodse electronic platform and its tools allow businesses, operating in the production of industrial product groups to find their retail and wholesale customers and to provide direct sales without intermediaries. The system helps to set up a mechanism for communication with clients, enhance the transparency of transactions, perform transparent management and control in the process of delivery and payments, and expand the customer base, maximize the volume of goods turnover and net profit. In addition, owing to the global system based on the blockchain technology, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to solve the problems of entering new promising markets, as well as significantly improve the competitiveness of manufactured industrial products. Advantages of using ecosystem (platform) yodse for consumers Yodse project gives huge advantages for users while searching and purchasing industrial products group, motor vehicles, production, road construction, mining and agricultural machinery, material handling equipment, rigging arrangement, turbines, equipment for ventilation and air conditioning, pumps, compressors, bearings and others. Direct prices from manufacturer without intermediaries allow to maximize profit and users feedbacks and quality technical support from manufacturers will enable consumers to learn more about the product and make sure of its quality. Use of crypto-currencies and traditional forms of payment within the system. Using the platform, consumer can choose from a wide range of necessary industrial products from domestic or foreign manufacturers, for which it will be possible to pay with BTC / ETH / XPR crypto-currencies, yodse tokens as well as national currencies. As the number of users of the platform increase, the number of transactions made in crypto-currencies will increase significantly, however in the countries where the turnover of crypto-currency fall under the restrictive regulation, traditional currencies will be used. With regard to the use of yodse tokens, these elements of the ecosystem, based on the cryptographic algorithm based on Blockchain technology, will help increase user loyalty and give owners the opportunity to perform transparent and conflict-free operations, confirmed by smart contracts, pay for platform services, make token loans, become a member of the referral program and receive revenue from sales. In this case, yodse tokens are not securities, however as the number of users and transactions on the platform grow, the tokens value will increase as well. Why this particular direct sales platform will be the most promising and highly- demanded yodse global platform is a unique platform and has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other platforms. The most important advantage of this platform is transparency of transactions owing to blockchain technology and possibility to conduct transactions with crypto currencies. In addition, users will receive quality In continuous 24/7 support, available product localization, a transparent feedback system, prices from manufacturers, so that they will be able to derive maximum benefit from the purchase of quality products. YODSE ecosystem growth prospects Benefits for users from yodse ecosystem scaling. Joining of a number of manufacturers of industrial groups of goods to the yodse system will make it possible to conclude a lot of mutually beneficial, multimillion contracts. As the yodse platform dynamically develops and scales, there will be a gradual increase in the number of offices being opened in many regions in order to provide quality and continuous technical support to users in other countries and maintain the brand. The scaling of ecosystem will enhance the frequency of use of the platform in a number of countries, which will increase the number of users, thereby facilitating the establishment of export-import transactions between countries and, as a result, increase sales volumes of manufacturers. Manufacturers, who sign in earlier than others, will take the advantages of being pioneers in new markets. Explorer it! - https://yodse.io/ Which countries, markets, continents will cover YODSE ecosystem? The expansion of the yodse ecosystem geography is planned to begin in the markets of Eastern Europe and the countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc.), which are leaders in the production and procurement of industrial groups of goods. In the future, creators of the platform plan to expand the ecosystem and enter overseas markets, expanding the scope of their activities to the countries of the Asian region, Africa, Latin America. In the mid-term perspective yodse platform plans to cover the market of Europe, USA and Australia.
  2. Здравейте, Бих искал да ви запозная с революционната криптовалута XAURUM. Website: http://www.xaurum.org/ Повече инфо в съответните теми от биткойнталк: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?%20topic=1546279.0 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=970586.0 Сега... Накратко, може би се чудите какво е това? Това е криптовалута, зад чиято стойност стои истинско злато. Тоест по всяко време НЕЗАВИСИМО от пазарната й цена, ако сте собственик на тази валута, я стапяте и получавате съответното количество злато, което стои зад нея. Концепцията е наистина зверски интересна и иновативна, като по-опростено е обяснено тук в това кратко видео: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7D76HL ... e=youtu.be Това е дългосрочен проект, чиято цел е да носи постоянна доходност в дългосрочен план. Има няколко основни предимства, които са отчетени като грешки при други валути и елиминирани при XAURUM. Ето още малко линкове с информация относно тази криптовалута: http://coremedia.info/index.php/blockch ... me-of-gold https://cointelegraph.com/news/dangerou ... o-ethereum https://bitconnect.co/bitcoin-news/190/ ... offer-rico http://themerkle.com/xaurum-starts-trading-on-c-cex/ http://www.smithandcrown.com/event/xaurum-rico/ http://coin.si/category/xaurum/ XAURUM е словенска валута и в момента е листната на най-големите борси в света като обемите на търговия с нея нарастват експоненциално. До момента за последната година стойността на 1 XAURUM е нараснала с над 127%, което е фантастично постижение за всеки финансов инструмент. По стечение на обстоятелствата аз се познавам с един от основателите на тази валута и искам да разпространя новината за нея и сред България. Най-вероятно маркетинг директорът на XAURUM ще гостува в България, както и предстои отваряне на офис в България, ако възбудим достатъчно търсене тук. В момента валутата се търгува основно в страни от ЕС. СИЛНО препоръчвам да се запознаете с инфото от линковете и да пишете, в случай, че тази валута ви заинтригува. Аз съм тук и ще се опитам да отговоря своевременно на всички ваши въпроси. Веднага щом разбера за посещението на директора на Xaurum, ще пиша до всички тук. Надявам се да се съберем повече хора на официалното представяне на XAURUM за България! Поздрави, Боян
  3. За всички, които искат да се включат по някакъв начин в дигиталната революция, уникално събитие с уникални лектори (за някои от тях не мога да повярвам, че са успели да ги докарат) на 29 и 30 май тази година в София: http://digitalk.bg/bg До 15 май има early bird цена от само 100 лв...
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